The Standard Equipments You Can Start with


  • Milk Taxi, model versions 80 l (21 gal [US]), 120 l (32¾ gal [US]), 200 l (53 gal [US]), with a flexible chassis with four wheels
  • Powerful floor-mounted agitator turning at regular intervals in heating mode
  • Parking brake
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Milk Taxi, model version 250 l (66 gal [US]), built as a trailer with jack wheel
  • Tank made of easy-to-clean, polished stainless steel
  • Lockable lid with sealing ring; opens to full radius
  • 1¼" drain tap for draining without residues
  • Electronic control with liquid level sensor and thermometer

Optionals Extras to Customise Your Milk Taxi

Pump Assembly

  • Battery-powered stainless steel pump
  • Dispensing arm with ergonomic handle
  • Maintenance-free battery and charger
  • Electronic quantity control

Alternative, Remote Control

  • Dispense button on the dispensing arm
  • Working distance from the Milk Taxi up to 10 m (11 yd)
  • Possibility to preselect the dispensed quantity at the dispensing arm

Electrical Heater

  • Effective full-surface heating foils
  • Gentle milk warming, to avoid any burnt milk
  • Model-specific power ratings (3 to 6 kW)

Hot Water-fired Heater

  • Two heat exchangers used as heaters • Heat exchanger coil inside the tank
  • Dual wall as heat exchanger jacket on the outside
  • Hot water temperature monitored by sensor
  • Timed heating function

Pasteurisation Assembly

  • Pumping, mixing, heating as standard functionalities
  • Timed pasteurisation
  •  Integrated cooling, only with pasteuriser

EL-AN Electrical Drive

  • Adjustable drive with two basic speeds
  • • Powerful forward and reverse movement
  • Integrated battery and charger

Milk Churn Support Frame

  • Tilt-up frame, to carry two 30 l (8 gal [US]) milk churns
  • Used to take colostrum and drinking water to the calves

Colostrum Jar

  • Stainless-steel, 8 l (2¼ gal [US]) vessel for colostrum (matched for use with a 30 litre milk churn)

Cow Drenching Equipment

  • 1.5 m (5 ft) drenching probe
  • Quick-release couplings
  • Only available with the optional pump

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