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Understanding What Really Matters in Automatic Calf Feeding Systems


Recent scientifi c studies have demonstrated that by treating calves to an effective feeding programme as early as in the fi rst weeks of their life, considerably higher milk production can be expected (so-called metabolic programming).

Many small rations - their quantity, composition, and temperature matched with age, race, sex, and state of health of the respective calves - are the optimum preconditions to deploy the calves' genetic potential to their fullest extent.

However, every farmer is faced with the issue of how to put this into everyday practice, despite a busy work schedule. Luckily the practice is (virtually) as easy as the theory when assisted by automatic feeding systems.

On the following pages, let us introduce you to our state-ofthe- art, computerised feeding technology and provide you with decision-making tools for planning your customised calf feeding solution.


  • Improved quality of life for yourself
  • Healthy calves reared in groups
  • Reduced costs, improved returns
  • Safety and reliability

Improved Quality of Life for Yourself

Adapt calf feeding to the way you live your life! If you are one of those who wish to alleviate the burden of the calf feeding routine and have more time for the important things in life, then read on.

Gain Time

  • Your H&L 100 feeds your calves; all you do is check if the apparatus and the calves are fine.
  • Teaching the calves how to use it does not take long, and they drink on their own after only two visits in most cases. For the H&L 100 sends the milk diet to the teat immediately; this is why the calves — including the smaller ones — get their ration in a matter of seconds.
  • Transponders are identified automatically.

Enjoy More Flexibility for an Improved Quality of Life

  • Look after your calves on your own time rather than allowing the calves to rule how you organise your day. There is usually so much else to do, so many things to attend to, in particular in the morning and in the evening, that conflicts with normal feeding hours. This includes milking and feeding the cows, preparing breakfast for the family, taking the children to school, etc.

Work Easier

  • Your back will be grateful — no more strenuous bucket carrying! All you do is put milk replacer powder into the big reservoir or whole milk into the appropriate tank.
  • Thanks to the automatic wash cycle, you simply check the proper outcome of the washing.

Rely on Easy-to-use Support Tools

  • Drinking quantities, times of day the calves called, frequency of visits, drinking speed, and body weight are all presented in easily readable information screens. The data help you identify calves early that may require specifi c attention, and assist in taking appropriate action.
  • The calves that wear a life-long ear tag will be recognized automatically when they call for the fi rst time at the H&L 100 and added to any approppriate data lists.

Have All Important Information Available - Anywhere when Using CalfGuide

  • The CalfGuide management software provides all calf data in easily readable screens on a desktop or tablet PC. If multiple H&L 100 feeders are used, the software is one central access to all their consolidated data.
  • Smart alarm lists alert you to those calves that may need your special attention. To give you this information, the software uses, among other things, data on the individual activity of the animals.
  • Since the application supports internet connectivity, you can access the data anywhere, next to the calves in the barn, but also on holiday at the beach.
  • CalfGuide offers many more data inputs, such as origin, history from birth or veterinary treatments. They make up a full and verifi able documentation of your calf rearing cycle.
  • Personalised work schedules for your staff tell everyone exactly what they are expected to do when in the calf barn.


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