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As early as when you are building your barn, you decide how you will work in it over the coming years (or decades). Also, in a calf barn there are not only the calves' needs to be respected, but the workers' needs as well. Both do not necessarily conflict. To learn how, read on!

Feed Efficiently

  • The best part of the time spent in the calf barn is used for feeding. This considered, the feeding place design has to allow forage to be taken there quickly or milk diet to be fed without consuming too much time.
  •  Furthermore, it is critical that the feeding places are easy to clean and do not raise sanitation concerns. In particular, smooth surfaces are important for calves. In this respect, stainless steel fixtures are appropriate to a very high extent.
  •  Also, it has to be possible to optimally integrate any feeding technology (H&L 100 Calf Feeder or Milk Taxi). Many ways of how to integrate them can be appropriately developed, as can be seen from the examples of everyday practice.

Spread Bedding Fast

  • Only when bedding can be done fast, will it be done often enough.
  • Therefore, consider a protected bedding storage area in your Igloo design when you sketch out the first plans. Make distances short and establish the bedding storage space close to the Igloo.

Muck out Regularly and Easily

  • Rotting straw in the calves' resting area leads to the release of ammonia. On top of that, flies heavily affect your calves in the summer. By mucking out the Igloo and the exercise area every 2 to 3 weeks, you will disrupt the larval development of the flies and rid the manure at a time before straw begins to rot.
  • All these reasons make it important that mucking out can be performed easily and quickly. This is something that close attention was paid to with the Igloo housing design. The Igloo itself can be lifted and easily moved to a new location with a front loader.
  • In an Igloo System, the design of the pen is one where the calves can be locked up in one area while the manure is simply being scraped out of the area that will receive new bedding.
  • With the Igloo Veranda, the exercise area, containing the calves, is moved to a new location while the location where it used to be can be easily scraped.

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