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Colostrum — Liquid Gold!

Getting the optimum out of calf rearing is the cornerstone of any successful cattle farmer. Nowadays no one can afford not to take full advantage of their animals' genetic potential. Every farmer is aware of the importance of colostrum for new-born calves. However, findings of recent studies corroborate information that will confront operators who work according to the long-standing protocol of calf rearing with almost overwhelming problems: 4 litres of high quality colostrum should be drunk by the calf in the first hour after birth, as a rinse of the entire digestive system. This will reinforce natural defences and result in significantly higher milk production.


However, ... not all the dams have colostrum of good quality. And only a very small number of calves will suckle 4 litres fromtheir mother's udder within 1 hour! This considered, is there a possibility to quickly check the colostrum quality, to have a reserve of high-quality colostrum available at any time, and to make the calf drink 4 litres of that colostrum quickly and easily?

The new coloQuick system allows you to continuously build a colostrum bank from only the best beestings, which will allow you to offer your calves the best possible start into life at any time. The unique design is also the key to its practical and easy implementation on your farm.


  • Consistency rather than chance
  • Excellent health right from the beginning
  • Better results in a cost-effective manner


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