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Safety and Reliability

The feeding equipment is just like any employee in your operation - you want it to be reliable. The H&L 100 has been developed specifically to feed your calves 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Rely on High-quality Components

  • All milk-carrying components are made of high quality stainless steel or food-grade materials.
  • The milk replacer reservoir, including its powerful auger, is made to sustain high loads and strains. Therefore, it will correctly dose almost all milk replacer powders.
  • The whole milk system is very effective thanks to
    a heat exchanger coil that is 7.5 m (25 ft) long
  • The design of the electronics has been kept simple and reliable, in order for it not to be susceptible to the harsh environment of an agricultural operation.

Get Ready to Work Whatever the Weather

  • The H&L 100 is a particularly good choice for housing calves outdoors.
  • It is equipped with an anti-freeze programme that runs automatically as soon as there is a risk of frost.
  • You can wash the outer surfaces of the automatic feeder with water: all sensitive components are water sprayproof.

Keep Intruders out

  • Two large doors protect the critical compartment in which the mixer bowls are installed. This keeps flies away from the milk, thereby also avoiding plugged milk feeding lines.
  • The doors can be locked so children cannot get harmed or injured.

Be on the Safe Side with Easy Maintenance

  • A general check of the feeding equipment for proper function on a daily basis is critical. The H&L 100's maintenance menu enables you to easily test its various components.
  • The calibration of its parameters is of particular importance for the proper operation of the H&L 100. The software quickly walks you through the calibration procedure and tells you exactly what to do at every step.
  • We recommend that you have your H&L 100 serviced by a qualified technician at least once a year. This gives peace of mind: you can be sure that your automatic calf feeder is ready for the next rearing cycle.

Be Fully Informed

  • The automatic feeder detects and resolves issues automatically. If this is impossible, it shows an error message and stops working, in order to avoid harming the calves. The message also tells you probable causes of a malfunction and recommends corrective actions.
  • As an option, you may also want your H&L 100 to inform you of technical issues by a message to your cell phone. It will even tell you when the replacer tank needs refilling.

Store Whole Milk Safely and Cool it Well

  • The H&L Milkboy stores up to 110 ltrs (30 gal.) of whole milk right next to the H&L 100. Its large wheels take the trouble out of bringing it from the milk room to the feeder.
  • The integrated mixing agitator is controlled by the H&L 100. The efficient water cooler, however, does not require energy or other equipment. A thermostat opens a mechanical valve when needed to cool the milk with water.
  • That is tantamount to laying the foundations of good milk quality, hence good calf feeding.

Request In-depth Advice During Planning and Preparations

  • The proper preparation of your calf pens or barn is the basis of the successful operation of a H&L 100.
  • The H&L 100's versatility is often the key to avoiding costly renovations of structures.
  • See pages 72 ff. for various alternatives and example drawings of how to install a H&L 100 Automatic Feeder

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