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Reduced Rearing Cost


It takes a minimum of two years for a heifer to return her costs and make a margin on your balance sheet. Therefore, you have to leverage all cost-cutting potentials in her rearing stage. Do you want to learn how the Milk Taxi can help you save money and make you a more successful dairy farmer? Then the following paragraphs are full of answers for you!


Invest for a Successful Future


  • The Milk Taxi is your partner that helps lay the foundations of your future animal performance. Whether pasteurisation, optimum temperature control, quantitycalibrated pumping — everything aids the optimum nutrition that preconditions for future high perfomance.
  • The Milk Taxi will be your friend for many years. At two calf feeding times per day, you will use the Milk Taxi more than 7,000 times in its 10-year fiscal depreciation period. Depending on the size and the selected optional equipments, the investment into a Milk Taxi represents approx. € 0.50 per ration! Decide yourself if easier working days, your health, time saved, and the high quality are worth that.
  • High-quality products are characterised by a long service life and low amortisation charges in the long term. Of course, this is true also for your Milk Taxi, your calf feeding assistant that helps you every day.


Reduce Energy Expenses with a Hot Water-fired Heater


  • If you want to cut costs on energy and if you have plenty of hot water, then an optional hot water-fired heater reduces your energy consumption, thereby saving precious money otherwise spent on heating the milk.


Feed the Optimum, Avoid Excessive Intake


  • The Milk Taxi's quantity control enables individualised feeding for every calf and avoids unbalanced rations between feedings; it's similar to an automatic feeder!
  • When you prepare the ration, you already know how much milk diet you need, and you will not exceed the required quantity. This is tantamount to savings on milk or milk replacer and bodes well for your balance sheet.


Get Better Performance from Healthier Calves


  • Calves that are consistently fed the correct amount of milk diet, at the proper temperature and of the highest quality (as low in bacteria as possible or pasteurised), will be less susceptible to future diseases, grow faster, and exhibit a more consistent weight gain.
  •  A severe case of diarrhoea will cost you approx. € 265. Additionally, a 10% reduced milk production due to issues during the rearing stage will cost up to € 550!

1 60% affected, 40% of which severely, 60% mildly
2 40% affected, 33% of which severely, 67% mildly
3 25% affected, 20% of which severely, 80% mildly
4 15% affected, 20% of which severely, 80% mildly

(Source: Lührmann (2009), Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony) 


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