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Reduced Costs, Improved Returns


Successful calf rearing is the cornerstone of future high performance in dairy and veal production. However, rearing requires early expenditure too. If you are one of those who want to make investments for the future of your business and still cut expenses, then read on!

Save on Feed Cost

  • Controlled feeding and early weaning enable you to save up to 15% on feed, as compared to bucket feeding.
  • Milk replacer consumption can be reduced, mainly towards the end of the milk diet stage, by adjusting the replacer concentration in the diet.
  • As a means of managing rearing costs, the H&L 100 provides listings of whole milk and milk replacer intake for every calf.
  • Cost cutting potentials can also be leveraged by relying on every calf's individual development and weaning them according to their body weight gain. This is where an electronic animal weigh scale is useful.

A feeder stall with weigh scale produces the highest daily weight gain, the lowest expense per kg gained, and pays for itself after only 40 calves a year!

Be Responsible for the Environment, Save Energy

  • As the H&L 100 never heats more water or milk than currently required and denies calves the luxury of excessive intake, the H&L 100's power consumption is comparatively low (70 W, excluding heating operation).
  • If you pay mains power by peak consumption, you can set your automatic calf feeder to stand-by during peak hours, so it does not prepare any rations, and does not require energy input, during these time periods.
  • The H&L 100 requires only 3 to 9 litres of hot water for every wash cycle.

Improve Your Returns

  • Optimum and early nutrition promotes the calves' future high performance potential. With an optimised feeding programme, they will produce 10% - 20% more milk.
  • The reduced workload gives you the opportunity to increase the number of calves. You could also utilise the time gained for other important tasks in your business.
  • An improved state of health results in a lower death rate, too, hence more animals in the herd reared from your herd offspring.

Preserve Flexibility Regardless of the Number of Calves

  • With 4 feeder stalls, your H&L 100 is capable of feeding up to 100 calves, in certain circumstances even up to 150 calves!
  • If the number of calves you are feeding now is lower, the intelligent modular design of the automatic feeder system allows for future upgrades, with all available options. This means that you save money from the onset and still reap all potential benefits when opportunities present themselves in the future.

Gain Work Time

  • Depending on the number of calves and your current feeding routine, the H&L 100 can save up to 2 hours of work every day.
  • The more consistent workload distribution, without the peaks of calf feeding simultaneous to other important tasks, potentially reduces (part-time) labour cost.



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