Tentego B.V.


Tentego is one of the largest producers of milk replacement feed in the Netherlands. Using a modern production process, Tentego is specialised in high-quality milk replacement livestock feed for breeding and veal calf raising.

Tentego bv is part of the VanDrie Group. The VanDrie Group is the world’s largest integrated calf group, with the following aligned sectors: calf milk industry, veal calf production and veal production.

This Integral Supply Chain Management assures quality in all areas from the beginning of the chain to the end.

Tentego has a balanced milk replacement product for every type of animal. Its high-quality milk replacers for breeding and veal calves, Tentofok and Tentofeed, are well known. This is a complete feed package in various compositions with the lowest cost per kilogramme of growth, guaranteed.

Tentego has also developed a series of sophisticated specialities such as Tentostier, Tentolam, Tentogeit and Tentoveulen, for bulls, lambs, goats and foals, respectively.

You too can increase your yield. Tentego’s specialists will be pleased to explain the options for your business in a personal discussion.

As a cattle farmer, you want to raise calves quickly and easily.  Raising calves well begins with good beestings and quick uptake of calf milk, whether you choose to raise them quickly or you want a safe start. Tentego has developed a suitable calf milk for every cattle farmer’s needs and farming circumstances

Tentego’s raising milks are produced according to the highest quality and food safety standards. These have been implemented in the quality programme named Safety Guard. In Safety Guard, Tentego has implemented the GMP+ and HACCP certificate. This has made Tentego is a leader in quality control.

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