Low Cost of Construction and Maximum Flexibility


However much you love your animals and co-workers, when it comes to building a barn, you look at price. Differences between cost structures can be tremendous, and depreciation costs put a long-term strain on the operational result. This page will show you, evidence in hand, that an Igloo housing design is not only animal-friendly, but also unrivalled value for money.

Build an Outdoor Structure at Low Expense

  • Igloo housing designs are very open. We recommend considering an Igloo as a protected micro-climatic shelter offered to the calves, rather than going for a complex barn design with ventilation systems.
  • In this manner, an Igloo housing design is up to 40% less costly than a traditional calf barn with wind curtains or positive ventilation through airflow ducts.

Solve Problems Flexibly

  • The H&L Igloo is not only at home in H&L's housing systems (Igloo System or Igloo Veranda), but also in other barn designs, e.g. when an existing building is redesigned. Frequently, a more open construction is needed to increase airflow rates. In these retrofitting situations, an Igloo is the structure that provides a micro-climate.
  • This is also a way to find a viable solution to situations that raise concerns without requiring costly reconstruction.
  • The roof, for instance, can be used as a shelter for machinery, storage area for straw, and so on.
  • The orientation of the roof is not critical for a calf housing facility. It can therefore be used as the ideal support for a photovoltaic system.

Set It up Quickly

  • It takes two persons 30 minutes to set up an Igloo, due to precision-matched, pre-drilled segments, high-quality manufacture, and easy-to-understand instructions.
  • An Igloo Veranda does not require more than three persons and a couple of hours. This is due to a special installation kit and an easy-to-read instruction manual
  • Even larger Igloo Systems can be quickly set up in a doit- yourself approach. We will gladly provide advice and design sketches.
  • The very short period of construction also means that the barn is ready to use in no time, which brings a quick return on the investment.

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