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Igloo Veranda


On your farm, you do not have the right location for a fullsized H&L Igloo System with a permanently installed roofed exercise and feeding area? You do not want to be forced to select the final spot, so you can change the lay-out later, when your farm develops? Or does year-round calving limit your number of calves? In all these cases, the H&L Igloo Veranda will provide previously unheard-of flexibility.

Set up a Spacious Basic Lay-out

The H&L Igloo Veranda consists of a resting area 5 x 5 m in size, also called the basic set-up. The roof, 7 x 7.5 m in size, offers optimum protection against precipitation and excessive sunlight. Upon request, it can be provided with a width of 8m.

Muck out the Easy Way

For ridding the H&L Igloo Veranda of manure, simply move it on its wheels. The calves remain locked up in the pen and "travel" in their "mobile home". Since the wheels can be fitted in any configuration you choose, it is possible to move the H&L Igloo Veranda both forwards and backwards as well as laterally. Then use a front loader to move the H&L Igloo, and you will be able to quickly remove manure with a tractor.

Achieve Low Bacteria Levels by Frequent Relocatio

Choose the optimum location for your H&L Igloo Veranda; maybe on a silage bed in the summer, in front of the machinery shed in the winter. At all times, you will find room for the H&L Igloo Veranda. When you relocate the Veranda every time you muck out, the calves always move to a new, clean location with low bacteria levels. UV rays, fresh air, and rain are natural disinfectants for the previous location.

Choose from Multiple Options for Feeding

The 14 feeding places are equipped with a special locking mechanism. It is impossible for the calf to be unexpectedly caught in the fence. In other words, your animals benefit from a high level of safety. Depending on the location, you adapt the position of the feed fence to what is needed: side and front fencing segments are interchangeable! Stainless steel tilting troughs are standard equipment in the feeding area. Optionally, nursing teat buckets and standard drinking buckets can also be used. The Igloo Veranda, therefore, is your ideal choice for feeding calves with the Milk Taxi.

Standard Level of Equipment

  • 2 H&L Feed Fences for Calves, 7 feeding places each
  • 2 Stainless Steel Tilting Troughs
  • 1 Transport Hook for Front Loader
  • Drain Hose, in case roofi ng is supplied
  • Facility for H&L Feeder Stall
  • Bedding Gate 2.4 m (8 ft) wide

Possible Extensions and Upgrades

  • Nursing Teat Bucket Support
  • Bucket Holder (rings)
  • Hay Rack
  • Concentrate Dispenser
  •  Roof Extension 8 x 7,5 m (8¾ x 8¼ yd)
  •  Water Bowl 
  • Structure for Integration of H&L Automatic Feeder


Igloo Veranda Technical Specifications*

* Technical specifi cations subject to change.


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