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In everyday practice, many calves are fed colostrum by suckling their mother or from a lemonade bottle or the like, stored somewhere. If the calf suckles its mother, neither the quantity nor the quality of the colostrum is controlled.


Preserve and Maintain the Highest Quality


  • To defrost a lemonade bottle taken from the freezer in an acceptable amount of time, a microwave oven or a very hot double boiler (> 60°C) is required. With both methods, immunoglobulin levels decrease substantially, and none is recommended (44% of IgG reduction; U of Applied Sciences Soest, topAgrar 11/2009).
  • Use coloQuick's effective double boiler. While the case is constantly moving, the milk is warmed to the desired drinking temperature in as little as 15 minutes. And the temperature of the water is as low as 45°C.
  • The use of disposable bags for colostrum storage means that no cleaning is required and that there is no risk associated with poorly cleaned, contaminated colostrum bags.

Feed the Calf Sufficient Colostrum


  • If a calf drinks 4 litres of colostrum, it is rinsing its entire digestive system with "liquid gold." The result is a reduced opportunity for bacteria to colonise in the tissue.
  • Furthermore, the rate of passage of antibodies into the bloodstream through the wall of the intestine increases.
  • The capacity of a coloQuick bag is exactly 4 litres. The calf, then, can ingest the full quantity, using a teat or the drenching probe.


Discover That Gentle Pasteurisation is Possible


  • Similar to what happens with normal milk, a significant reduction of pathogens can also be achieved in colostrum. As a result, the new-born organism will not be directly exposed to adverse effects, the calf is better protected.
  • The outcome are higher antibody levels in the bloodstream, which then reinforce the calf's defences. This effect has been clearly demonstrated by several studies.
  • The colostrum is gently warmed to 60°C for 60 minutes and then cooled down again. This way, the natural defence bodies (immunoglobulins) are preserved and pathogens are destroyed.



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