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Healthy Calves

Nature is our model. It shows us how calf rearing should take place. The calf suckles its mother's udder whenever and as long as it likes. Learn how your calves, too, will be satisfi ed and healthy and will develop outstandingly.
Enjoy Calm and Compliant Calves

  • Since the H&L 100 does not restrict feeding to certain times of day, calves can come and drink at any time. They will not see a nurse in you and, therefore, will remain calm when people enter the barn.
  • Younger and weaker calves have all the time they need to be awarded their full ration. The anti-pirate valve ensures that stronger calves will not steal their milk. You'll see the result: very homogeneous groups of calves!

Have the Rations Prepared as the Animals Like it

  • The H&L 100 prepares a fresh milk diet any time a calf calls: the quantity, composition, and temperature are exactly what they should be.
  • The calf is given the allocated ration in the form of several, small portions. This imitates its natural behaviour and supports healthy digestion.

Work with Flexible Feeding Programmes

  • Feeding depends on the calf's age, body weight, and breed. Five different feeding programmes as well as individual settings for every single calf are available to enable maximum fl exibility.
  • Feeding various calves at the same feeder stall, but according to different programmes (e.g., milk replacer diet and whole milk diet) is possible because every ration is freshly prepared when the calf calls.
  • The H&L 100 is very gentle as it prepares the calves' transition to concentrate and forage feed. At the end of the milk diet stage, it reduces the allocated quantity in small steps of 0.2 litres (½ lb) per day, thereby stimulating the development of the forestomach system.

Achieve Optimum Calf Monitoring

  • Data lists provide a quick overview of your calves' wellbeing. Animals that may require attention appear on specifi c alarm lists.
  • Particularly valuable information is compiled by the animal weigh scales in the feeder stalls. The early identifi - cation of weight loss enables the singling-out of calves suffering from diarrhoea. In turn, this allows treatment before they develop a serious disease.

Administer Feed Additives Effectively and Individually

  • Minimal doses of acids (or other additives) can be added to the milk diet in order to stabilise the gastro-intestinal system.
  • Medicines can be added to the milk diet of sick calves, or electrolytes and water can be supplied with a specifi c dietetic programme.
  • Two dosing units are available for maximum fl exibility. Choose between two powder dosers or one doser for powdered and one for liquid additives.

Accept Only the Best When it Comes to Hygiene

  • After every visit, the mixer bowl and the tubing to the teat are rinsed with clear water. No milk residues will remain in the system.
  • The H&L 100 starts a wash cycle automatically at least twice a day (more frequently with a whole milk diet).
  • The outer surfaces of the H&L 100 and the feeder stall allow for easy cleaning with water.


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