Standard Model Equipment


The H&L Mixing System

  • Milk diet always freshly prepared, no temporary storage
  • Milk replacer mixed into water at various temperatures, as recommended by replacer manufacturer
  • Temperature-Optimised Mixing (TOM) for precise temperature adjustment, so the ration arrives at the teat with the desired drinking temperature

Peristaltic Pump in the Stall

  • Pump as an automatic training tool for calves at their first calls at the stall, delivers milk diet to the teat
  • Post-rinsing of bowl and line to the teat after every call
  • Anti-pirate valve to prevent milk pilferage

Wash Cycle

  • Detergent pump for washing all milk-carrying components
  • Wash temperature up to 60°C (140°F)
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces made of stainless steel or plastic

Milk Replacer Powder Supply

  • Large powder hopper, holds 50 kg (110 lbs) of CMR
  • Powerful powder-conveying auger, suitable for various milk replacers
  • Low rim of the hopper, only 112 cm (44 inches)

Control System

  • Integrated feeding computer with automatic data backup
  • Aregistration of new calves
  • Flextime feeding capabilities, to avoid stressful regular feeding hours
  • Power-saving stand-by mode
  • Up to 150 calves' data in memory

Weather-proof, Made for Outdoor Rearing

  • Anti-freeze programme that automatically switches itself on
  • Humidity-proof powder reservoir
  • Fly shield supplied in the standard model

A Wealth of Optional Extras and Upgrades

Whether you are purchasing a brand-new H&L 100 or upgrading an existing one, this extensive array of options will leave nothing to be desired:

Dual Mixer Bowl

  • Simultaneous feeding of two calves
  • Easier training of large groups of calves

Feeder Stalls

  • Up to 4 stalls connected, for up to 100 calves
  • Acceptable distance between feeder and stall up to 5 m (5½ yd) (up to 8 m (8¾ yd) in certain circumstances)
  • ISO-compliant eartag identifi cation (half-duplex mode)
  • Animal weigh scale in the feeder stall for optimum calf management and individualised weaning by weight
  • Concentrate dispenser with weighing of left-overs, allows individualised weaning by concentrate intake

Whole Milk Diet Options

  • Kit for 100% whole milk diet with effective heat exchanger coil and automatic wash cycle
  • Kit for 50% whole milk diet with hot water-based mixing
  • Mobile whole milk tank with a gently turning agitator, as an option made of plastic or stainless steel


  • Storage tank (110 ltrs (30 gal.)) set on wheels
  • Agitator started at set intervals by the H&L 100
  • Cooling with water (no power needed) controlled by a thermostat

Additive Doser

  • Powder doser for diarrhoea prevention diet programme
  • Second medicine doser, at your discretion for powders or liquids

External Communications

  • CalfGuide management software
  • Error messages and refill alerts to your mobile
  • Printer and PC connection

Nutri Clean AL

State-of-the-art cleaning of automated feeding systems.
Nutri Clean AL is a dedicated cleaner specifically developed to satisfy the demanding needs of washing automated feeding systems automatically. Even difficult protein or fatty residues, including milk stone, cannot resist the dissolving force of Nutri Clean AL.

The concentration needed allows low dosage and thereby reduces the pressure on both the environment and your purse.

Nutri Clean AL is available in sizes 6 kg and 28 kg.

Recommended dosage with H&L 100:

  • automatic washing: low
  • washing of whole milk system: medium
  • with hard water: high

Dosage for other applications (e.g., in milking systems):

  • Let a 0.5 – 1 % solution circulate for approx. 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Pre-rinse and post-rinse with clear water.



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