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Easier and Quicker Calf Feeding


Give your body a break; carrying heavy buckets is a thing in the past. The Milk Taxi performs the strenuous part of the job, which makes calf feeding fun again, for you and your employees. Additionally, if you want to save valuable time, then read on!


Use Technology That Is as Easy as ABC, for Everybody


  • If your operation cannot rely on the same workers all the time, then you need easy-to-use feeding equipment. In most cases, the Milk Taxi's functions are totally intuitive. Your advantages are twofold: less time needed for onthe- job training of workers, better quality of their work.
  • Critical parameters, e.g. those for the pasteurisation, can be pre-set by yourself. Then all you ask your workers to do is to feed the calves. Because feed quantities are preset and the temperature is constantly


Get All Functionalities at the Push of a Button


  • Whether you want the powerful floor-mounted agitator to dissolve milk powder in a matter of seconds, or want to adjust the dosage quantities - all functionalities can be programmed at the control panel just by pressing buttons.
  • Another advantage is the possibility to pre-set start times for certain processes, such as pasteurisation or heating. The Milk Taxi then automatically starts the process, at your service even in the dead of night.

Remove Back Pain from Milk Transport


  • Since the Milk Taxi rolls on wheels, it makes it easy for you to take the milk to the calf pens or the calf igloos. Even long distances no longer pose a problem.
  • To further facilitate the job, the EL-AN Electrical Drive, a battery-powered unit that moves the Milk Taxi by driving its front axle, is optionally available for the 120 litre and 200 litre models. It enables you to select forward and reverse movement, both a two different speeds, at the tip of your thumb.


Make Bucket Feeding Easy and Accurate


  • The practical dispensing arm and the quantity-calibrated pump always accurately send the allocated amount of milk diet into the buckets. All you do is preselect one of the five dosing quantities and push the dispensing button on the handle.
  • All this is possible in the barn without mains power due to the integrated battery. With individual igloos, in particular, this means the additional advantage that you are totally free to choose their most suitable location.
  • The long tubing is the reason why even spots that are hard or far to reach do not present any difficulty. With the optionally available remote, alternative control you can be right next to the calf when you preselect the quantity to dispense and begin the dosing process.



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