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Consistency Rather Than Chance


Cows frequently give birth outside normal "office hours." However, carefully attending to the cow's and the calf's needs is also critical in the dead of night. You are aware of this. But isn't it true that sometimes things just don't work out? Now is the time to learn the specifics of state-of-theart colostrum management.


Go for Quality


  • 40% - 60% of the first milk milked from a cow does not contain sufficient numbers of immunoglobulins! Therefore, use exclusively colostrum with ample antibodies.
  • A colostrometer is a simple tool to check the quality of the colostrum quickly and easily.


Handle Things in a Sanitary and Easy Way


  • High-quality colostrum is filled directly into disposable bags, which avoids contact with any uncleaned equipments, hands or feeding accessories.
  • The next step is to cool down the milk, which is protected in the case, in the freezer or the refrigerator. The same case is used to warm the colostrum in a double boiler when needed.
  • The warm colostrum is then immediately fed to the calf with tubing and a teat (or with a probe, if needed).


Let Security Guide You


  • The colostrum bank that you build in this manner ensures supply security: sufficient quantities of highquality colostrum will be available at any time.
  • Furthermore, you will always be able to determine whether a calf has drunk enough.


Work Effectively and Carefully, Around the Clock

  • Thanks to the colostrum bank the calf can be immediately catered for when the coloQuick system is used. It takes only 15 minutes for its ration to be ready to drink!
  • For instance, milking the cow at the next regular milking only, rather than milking her immediately does not create any problems.


Work with Clear Work Instructions


  • Calving assistance is not really predictable and, frequently, takes place under time constraints. This may result in mistakes when attending to the new-born calf.
  • Define standardised protocols that your workers will clearly understand and can easily implement. The check list for the initial care of new-borns on pages 33/34 can help you. Just copy it, laminate the sheet, and put it on display in the calving pens.
  • Doing this will result in satisfied employees because everyone knows what they are supposed to do.




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