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The Pen System Made in the U.S.A.


The Pen System is built around single pens set up with click-in-place components. Depending on the fl oor plan of the barn and work routines, the pens can be confi gured in different ways. The walls are simply placed onto the ground without anchoring. The calves grow in the pens for as long as individual-calf housing is required. Then the separator walls are removed, the calves do not move, but are now housed in small groups until the rearing stage is completed.

Rear Calves the Healthy Way by
All-in All-out

The management scheme, with continuous rearing by the all-in all-out principle, ensures that any disease propagation is blocked. Small groups of calves, which are particularly practical, can be easily formed with this scheme.

Various Feeding Place Configuations

The front segment of the pen is designed as a door equipped with a large handle, which can be opened even when you wear heavy gloves in the winter. The door is also equipped with two bucket supports that allow feeding water and concentrate. As an alternative, milk diet can be dispensed with nursing bottles or the nursing teat buckets more common in Europe.

Instead of the Pen Door, the FlexyFront, well-known and appreciated in individual hutches, can be selected. It gives a better view into the pen and the nursing bucket is positioned set off from the gate, which is a way of making it easier to train the calves.

Get the Benefit of Smart Handling

The door height is adjustable, "growing along" with the calves when they are housed in individual pens for longer periods of time (until they reach the 8th week of age). This is how the nursing bottle and the buckets are always at the correct height for the calves and make drinking easy for them.

The pen segments have a very light weight, can be quickly disassembled, and reinstalled just as easily. Therefore, they can be simply carried to a wash-down yard. Cleaning is also very easy thanks to their completely smooth surfaces.

Do not Neglect Intelligent Barn Design

In order to avoid draughts in the calves' resting area, proper airflow control is critical. Possible solutions include intelligent, i.e. weather-responsive, ventilation systems with blinds and wind curtains. Also keep wind direction in mind to ensure that the calves grow in a healthy environment.

To decrease the velocity of the air flowing along the Pen System, placing the pens at a short distance from the outside walls of the barn has been found to be effective. Where cold air rolling into the calves' resting area is an issue, a pivoting ceiling or other cover does a great job of creating a micro-climate that is pleasant for the calf.

Form Small Groups of Calves Easily

Simply removing the lateral separators from in-between the pens forms a group of calves kept in the same pen. To move on from individual to group housing, it is not necessary that the calves move to another location.

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