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Calf-Tel Igloo

The ECO Model Version

This is the ideal starter version for regimes in which the calves are housed in individual hutches only in the first weeks of life.The Calf-Tel ECO is particularly easy to work with, since it is 40 cm (1 ft 3¼ in) shorter in depth than the Pro II model version. Therefore, it is very easy to clean, store, and move. Its large entrance allows you into the hutch conveniently. The standard multifunctional flap, which is unique in the multiple ways it can be adjusted, is ideal for easy spreading of bedding material, feeding, and improved ventilation.

The Pro II Model Version

The ECO's larger brother fits perfectly to single-stage housing of calves in individual hutches, up to 8 weeks of age.Because of the depth of the hutch, the calf is well protected at the rear, in particular in the winter or when the weather is humid. With this model version, the multifunctional flap at the back is ideal not only for improved ventilation properties and easy bedding management; it also facilitates monitoring the animals, which would be awkward at the far end of a long hutch.The off-set entrance opening avoids draughts and offers excellent protection during poor metereological conditions.

H&L FlexyFence

We offer a very special fence for the exercise area to go with the proven Calf-Tel individual hutches. The novel Flexy- Fence brings a set of unique features to calf housing, which enhance the convenience and the safety of your daily routines in the calf barn.

Lateral wheels facilitate the transport to the wash-down area because the wheel size is large and because they do not roll through the straw bedding.

  • A lateral wind shield protects the calf against draughts and avoids straw being carried away by strong winds.
  • The hutch can be tilted down into the fence, and the fence can be tilted up over the hutch
  • The FlexyFence can be pushed back all the way to the hutch in order to lock up the calf inside it.
  • The fence door offers convenient single-handed opening and closing.
  • The front segment is equipped with two bucket holder rings and a fixture that can support a nursing bucket.
  • The fixture for the nursing bucket is set off to the side of the door to allow training the calf on the teat and then conveniently leaving the hutch through the front door.


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