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Calf Garden

Good Health Through
Individual Mobile Housing

Housing calves in individual hutches in the first days and weeks of life has established itself not only in Germany, but around the world as an animal-friendly and sanitary way of housing. A low bacteria load in the natural outdoor climate, easy cleaning, and regular relocation are the major reasons for individual-calf housing outdoors. Furthermore, the physical separation of the calves results in fewer diseases spreading amongst them.

However, rearing calves in individual hutches also means substantial manual work and, frequently, long walking distances. This can be optimised to a very large extent with state-of-the-art individual hutches and properly designed fencing. The H&L Calf Garden adds the possibility of a protective roof sheltering the individual hutches.

  • A roof for protection
  • Sanitation from the outset
  • Efficient utilisation
  • Strength, weather resistance, ruggedness

These are the characteristics you should focus on when you want to rear calves in individual hutches. Therefore, it is good news that we can already offer you a successful housing concept for the first weeks of the calves' life: the H&L Calf Garden!

Here's how it works:

  • The Calf Garden is a mobile roofi ng structure for individual
  • hutches, following the tested Igloo Veranda concept.
  • To muck out, both the hutches and the roofi ng structure can be moved.
  • The Calf Garden roof offers protection for approx. 2 x 5 individual hutches, their respective exercise areas facing each other.

A Roof for Protection

What is critical for group rearing designs is no less critical for individual rearing: a roof for the hutches creates the optimum micro-climate, which is good for the calf. But what does this mean in practice?

Provide Dry Bedding and Shade

  • Protect your calves against the weather. When there is a roof above the hutch, the calf will decide whether it wants to be inside and fully protected or outside, taking a breath of fresh air.
  • Especially in the cold season, bedding material remains dry, and calves are less affected by respiratory disorders.

Design a Nice Work Environment

  • For the person who attends to the calves, the roof also provides a nicer work environment. And the youngest stock requires the most attention, an aspect that should not go underestimated.

Promote Early Concentrate Feed Intake

  • We recommend offering small quantities of concentrate as early as in the second week of age. For the calf, this is a playful way of getting used to a solid diet. Give them a little every day, but never more than was eaten the day before.
  • Calves like to eat only fresh and dry concentrate. This is an additional reason why protection from the weather is so important.



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