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No Trial and Error!


Of course, there always is a way to do it more cheaply. Bucket feeding calves is probably the part of agriculture which is most prone to more or less creative trial and error meant to facilitate your everyday chores: hand trucks redesigned with barrels, hand carts carrying churns, etc. However, if you focus on quality, just as we do, then the following information will be of interest to you.


Make Quality Your Benchmark


  • With everything you have to look after every day, it would be nice to have functioning equipment! This is why we manufacture every component to the highest quality standards, so you can count on us for excellent reliability.
  • The high-quality, stainless steel milk tank is very durable and easy to clean. This is true for all other Milk Taxi components as well, by the way.
  • If you clean the Milk Taxi and check its settings on a daily basis, it will be your reliable companion that will keep you satisfied for a long time. This is why we made sure that cleaning it and setting its parameters is especially easy for you.


Get an All-in-one, Yet Customised Product


  • Rather than requiring you to use different devices for various processes, such as mixing, heating, pasteurising, transporting, and feeding, the Milk Taxi gives you one single appliance that combines all these devices. No further investment is needed.
  • Your needs and requirements are different from those of your neighbour. Therefore, the Milk Taxi is available not only in various sizes, but also with a host of standard equipment configurations and optional extras—to cater for every need.


Go Beyond Feeding Calves


  • Our customers, people like you, have suggested new ways of using the product. Adding the Milk Taxi to a robotic milker is a popular recommendation. The Milk Taxi is the ideal tool for combining the cooling and the pasteurisation processes undergone by withheld milk. Drenching cows is also as easy as ABC with the Milk Taxi. And, who knows, maybe the time is near when you will water the flowers of your garden or your farm café with a Milk Taxi.
  • Request detailed advice and tailor your own Milk Taxi! Read on to learn more.

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